Nov 29, 1:08 PM EST

Kerry lays out foreign policy vision very unlike Trump's

Interview With Sen. John Kerry

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Secretary of State John Kerry is urging Americans to support greater U.S. engagement with the world and increased foreign aid.

It's a message that clashes in several ways with the policies President-elect Donald Trump has spoken about introducing.

In a speech to a women's foreign policy group, Kerry says the nation should resist the urge to "turn inward and search for ways to fence off our own safety and our prosperity." He says it's "folly" to think you can build a better future by hiding from the real world.

Kerry wants more U.S. aid, peace mediation, military support for allies, engaging of foes and money for refugees.

He also touts international agreements to combat climate change and curtail Iran's nuclear program. Trump has spoken negatively at times about both deals.

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