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Mar 16, 7:12 PM EDT

Video: California officer grabs driver before fatal shooting

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ORANGE, Calif. (AP) -- A new video has surfaced showing police in California fatally shooting a man after forcing him from his vehicle using blasts from a fire hose.

The 39-second video obtained Thursday by The Associated Press shows Michael Perez exit the driver's side window of a minivan after police in the city of Orange broke windows and used the hose to end a standoff late Sunday.

An officer grabbed Perez by the wrist and the two spun around. Other officers scream "knife." One bang is heard and then a second, louder one occurs three seconds later.

Police pulled over Perez for a broken tail light and grew concerned after he locked himself in the minivan with a gas can and lighter. They said one shot was fired after less lethal means were ineffective.

The shooting took place before a crowd of people at a strip mall with a 24-hour laundry, taco shop and other businesses. Perez was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Police said they tried to pull over Perez at 11:15 p.m. and he initially resisted but eventually stopped at the strip mall parking lot. Authorities said they used the fire hose to prevent Perez from setting himself and the minivan on fire.

The shooting took place more than an hour later, according to the Orange County coroner's office.

Perez had a criminal record that included drug and weapons violations, police said. Online court listings show convictions for charges including drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The shooting is being investigated by the Orange County District Attorney's office.

Orange police declined to comment on the footage due to the ongoing investigation.

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