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Oct 18, 5:39 PM EDT

House, Senate intel committees receive briefing from Google

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The Latest: Putin: Trump's foes have blocked his agenda

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House, Senate intel committees receive briefing from Google

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tech giant Google has briefed the House and Senate intelligence committees ahead of two Nov. 1 hearings that will examine Russian efforts to influence U.S. elections through social media.

Officials from Google were interviewed by staff on both panels privately in recent weeks as part of their investigations into Russian meddling in last year's election, according to people familiar with the briefings. The people declined to be named because the meetings were private.

The panels have recently focused on the spread of false news stories and propaganda on social media. Facebook recently provided the committees with more than 3,000 ads they had traced to a Russian agency.

Google has declined to publicly confirm reports that it has discovered Russia-linked ads on its platforms, such as You Tube and Google search.

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