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EDITOR'S NOTE: Here are a selection of internal emails and documents from the World Health Organization, illustrating how the agency and other responders struggled to deal with the Ebola outbreak in the Sierra Leonean city of Kenema over the summer of 2014. They include WHO's Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan's demand that equipment and protective gear be provided, a warning that body bags had run out, a description of the situation at Kenema Government Hospital, an email about shoddy chlorine supplies, a complaint from the Red Cross about lack of leadership and warnings about the hospital's power supply. The redactions made by AP are in black. Clicking a document will open a new window. Also included is a 30-second clip from a longer recording of senior U.S. health official Austin Demby describing his visit to the hospital.

The shock of my life

Audio transcript: "When I go Kenema, you know, just the shock of my life. You know, I walk inside the main ward, you know, close to about six dead bodies then they inside body bags, you know, just laying all over the place, you know? About seven nurses they admit inside the hospital, inside the care center. I think (inaudible) I see a complete breakdown of systems. You know, I think the WHO, I'm not for blaming anybody for anything but WHO could really spend a little more time on Kenema."
Audio provided by Sierra Leone Diaspora Awareness Campaign Forum