AN AP INVESTIGATION : Pharmaceuticals Found in Drinking Water

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March 12: Ill. orders water
testing in reaction to AP

March 16: Scientists,
environmentalists, utilities
agree: More testing needed
on drugs in drinking water

April 3: NYC leaders say
city must test drinking water,
responding to AP report
on drugs

April 12: Philadelphia water
officials to address worries
over drugs in water and
corrected data

April 13: On eve of hearings,
White House documents show
feds failing to take action
on drugs in water

April 14: Philadelphia City
Council wants local
and federal action to curb
drugs in drinking water

April 15: Senators rip EPA
over lack of knowledge
on drugs in water

April 15: EPA urges Great
Lakes residents not to
flush old meds

May 6: Water tests reveal
Phoenix water is drug free

May 12:NJ lawmakers
told effects of drugs in
water unknown

May 13: Mass. officials detail
steps to keep pharmaceuticals
from water supply

June 9: Texas town releases
name of drug found in water;
mayor cited terrorism
as reason for secrecy

July 25: Medicine collection
drive on tap

Sept. 11: Recent tests detect
pharmaceuticals in drinking
water of 46 million Americans

Sept. 11: Investigative report
prompts additional tests
and detections

Sept. 14: Health care industry
sends tons of drugs into
nation's wastewater system

Sept. 14: Medical facilities
making uncontrolled releases
of controlled drugs into water

Sept. 14: States lead way
in safely handling drug waste
from health facilities

Sept. 15: Scant advice on
disposal of meds

Sept. 15: Communities prevent
pharmaceutical contamination
with drug takeback

Sept. 15: Guidelines for
disposal of prescription drugs

Sept. 18: House panel
pressed to consider
more tracking of
pharmaceuticals, contaminants
in US waters

Sept. 25: Calif. government
to highlight problems
of flushing pharmaceuticals