Longtime Financial Advisers To Louisiana Lawmakers Retiring

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The Louisiana Legislature is losing decades of institutional knowledge with two of its long-time financial advisers headed to retirement.

Legislative Fiscal Officer Chris Keaton, whose office analyzes the costs of bills and performs other financial reviews for lawmakers, told the joint House and Senate budget committee that he's retiring in early November.

He was elected to the job by lawmakers in June 2020, but he's worked across state government in financial roles for 30 years.

The Legislature's chief economist Greg Albrecht also is exiting the state Capitol, after 36 years.

Albrecht works in a high-profile role. He's one of the two economists that provide forecasts to the state's Revenue Estimating Conference, a panel of state leaders that determines how much state money lawmakers have to spend each year. Albrecht also has been a chief analyst of tax measures proposed and passed by the House and Senate.

He retires at the end of the year.