Colorado Congressional Map Work To Continue Through Weekend

DENVER (AP) — Members of Colorado's independent congressional redistricting committee suggested several changes Friday to the latest draft map with a Tuesday deadline to submit a plan to the state Supreme Court for approval.

Suggestions by individual commissioners were few, such as incorporating southern parts of the city of Aurora in Douglas County into a district with the rest of the city or restoring the city of Greeley into its existing rural district. Staff will present the suggested modifications to commissioners as they meet over the weekend.

The final map sketches out a possible future in which solidly Democratic Colorado has an evenly-divided delegation to the House of Representatives. If the 12-member commission doesn't approve changes by the constitutional Tuesday deadline, it will be sent to the Supreme Court.

The plan would maintain the current partisan balance of congressional districts in Colorado, with four being somewhat or solidly Democratic and three leaning Republican. Thanks to population growth, Colorado would get a new 8th district running from Denver’s northern suburbs into Greeley and would be a true swing district.