Children Discover What It Takes To Be A Veterinarian

PINEVILLE, La. (AP) — Beaux Cain, 4, peers into the ear of his stuffed leopard using an otoscope.

Trinity Frances, 7, places a probe on the chest of her stuffed white tiger and watches its heartbeat on the ultrasound machine.

With a stethoscope, Timothy Farr, 11, listens to the heartbeat of a real French Bulldog.

They were among the many children who showed up at Montgomery Animal Hospital + Hotel recently to be a veterinarian for a day. A long line of eager future veterinarians extended out to Highway 28 East in Pineville where the clinic is located.

“We have so many kids in the community that are interested in what we do so it’s exciting for us to share it with all of them,” said Dr. Morgan McDaniel, veterinarian and owner.

What did Trinity learn during her day as a veterinarian?

“How to check their heartbeat and how to help them when they’re hurt,” she said.

“She loves animals and wants to be a vet,” said Trinity’s mother, Michelle Frances.

Children were able to choose a stuffed animal at the front desk. They also received a stethoscope, name badge, patient chart and a goodie bag. They made their way through the clinic stopping at several stations.

McDaniel said at each of the stations, children learned how to do exams on eyes, ears and hearts and see how x-rays and ultrasounds are done. They learned about preventative care and how to apply bandages and splints on their stuffed animals. There was also a lab set-up where they could run tests. If hospitalization was required, they learned how to admit and treat their “sick” little friend.

The children also got to visit the pharmacy, said Kara Brown, practice manager. That’s where they got to prescribe the cure-all for all ailments — love and cuddles.

As a child, it was McDaniel’s dream to become a veterinarian.

“There’s a lot of them that are just like that,” she said. They dream of getting to do this one day just as she did when she was a little girl.

“It’s cool for them to get to experience it,” McDaniel said.