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Biden delivering Morehouse commencement address during a time of tumult on US college campuses

May. 19, 2024 08:58 AM EDT

ATLANTA (AP) — President Joe Biden is delivering the commencement address at Morehouse College on Sunday, a key opportunity for an election-year appearance before a Black audience but one that also could directly expose him to the anger that some of these and other students across the country...

The Israel-Hamas war is testing whether campuses are sacrosanct places for speech and protest

May. 19, 2024 09:04 AM EDT

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Stephen Hawking on the Big Bang. Millions of students for civil rights and against the Vietnam War. They were provocative in their times, products of an ideal that holds universities as sacrosanct spaces for debate,...

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters rally in the rain in DC to mark a painful present and past

May. 18, 2024 19:50 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hundreds of protesters rallied within sight of the U.S. Capitol, chanting pro-Palestinian slogans and voicing criticism of the Israeli and American governments as they marked a painful present — the war in Gaza — and past — the exodus of some 700,000 Palestinians who fled...

Tunisians stage anti-migrant protest as the number of stranded in transit to Europe grows

May. 18, 2024 19:15 PM EDT

JEBENIANA, Tunisia (AP) — Hundreds of Tunisians marched through the streets of Jebeniana on Saturday to protest the presence of sub-Saharan migrants who have found themselves stranded as the country ramps up border patrol efforts. Anti-migrant anger is mounting in impoverished...

Georgia's president vetoes media legislation that has provoked weeks of protests

May. 18, 2024 16:38 PM EDT

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) — Georgia’s president on Saturday vetoed the so-called “Russian law” targeting media that has sparked weeks of mass protests. The legislation would require media and non-governmental organizations to register as “pursuing the interests of a foreign...

6 Penn students among 19 pro-Palestinian protesters arrested during attempt to occupy building

May. 18, 2024 16:19 PM EDT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A half-dozen University of Pennsylvania students were among 19 pro-Palestinian protesters arrested during an attempt to occupy a school building, university police said Saturday. Their arrests came a week after authorities broke up a protest encampment on...

French authorities report a sixth fatality in New Caledonia violence

May. 18, 2024 12:10 PM EDT

French security forces reported another death Saturday in armed clashes in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia, the sixth fatality in nearly a week of violent unrest scorching the archipelago whose indigenous population has long sought independence. The person was killed...

Georgia's president vetoes the so-called 'Russian law' targeting the media that has sparked weeks of mass protests

May. 18, 2024 10:16 AM EDT
TBILISI, Georgia (AP) — Georgia's president vetoes the so-called 'Russian law' targeting the media that has sparked weeks of mass protests.

Climate activists glue themselves at Munich airport to protest pollution caused by flying

May. 18, 2024 09:56 AM EDT

BERLIN (AP) — Six climate activists broke through a security fence at Munich airport on Saturday and glued themselves to access routes leading to runways, temporarily shutting down flights. The activists from the group Last Generation were protesting flying as the most polluting...

Protesters rally in Peru against decree classifying seven gender identities as “mental illness”

May. 17, 2024 21:41 PM EDT

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Sexual diversity activists protested in Peru’s capital in front of the health ministry Friday to demand that the government repeal a decree that characterizes seven gender identities, including transgenderism, as “mental illnesses.” Protesters also gathered...