Oh Deer: Drivers should watch for bucks, does along roadways

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Oh deer! Drivers should watch for bucks and does along Kentucky roadways this fall, officials said.

Shorter periods of daylight and cooler temperatures trigger deer breeding season, which leads to more deer-related crashes, the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources said Wednesday in a statement. November is usually the month that deer are most active, said Kyle Sams, the agency's acting deer and elk program coordinator.

“It’s always a good idea to stay mindful that an encounter with a deer could happen at any time,” Sams said. “Dawn and dusk are the most likely hours to see deer on the roads, but they’re still going to be more active during daylight hours than usual.”

The state has a deer population estimated at 900,000 and there are about 3,000 deer-vehicle collisions reported annually, officials said.

Drivers who encounter a deer should slow down and only take evasive action if it can be done safely, officials said.

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