Rhode Island gas prices drop by a penny

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Gas prices in Rhode Island are down by a penny according to AAA Northeast's latest price survey released Monday.

The average price of self-serve, regular was $2.56 per gallon. That's 2 cents above the national average, and 20 cents higher than the average price in Rhode Island a year ago.

AAA says prices are holding steady thanks to a healthy and growing level of gasoline supply alongside lower demand this time of year.

“Growing supplies – amid lower demand – have eased pump prices throughout the country,” said AAA spokesman Lloyd Albert. “The current rate of demand is in line with this time last January, a period that typically brings lower demand due to winter weather.”

AAA found a 38-cent range for regular in Rhode Island, from a low of $2.41 per gallon to a high of $2.79.

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