Escaped Wolf-Dog Hybrid Found Dead In North Carolina

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (AP) — A presumed wolf-dog hybrid that escaped its enclosure over the summer in North Carolina has been found dead, officials said.

She was found Monday off state Route 86 near Hillsborough and was believed to be “the last of the free-roaming wolfdogs in our area,” Orange County Animal Services spokeswoman Tenille Fox said. It appears that she was hit by a car, news outlets reported.

The wolf-dog was one of 12 that escaped from the Cedar Grove community in July. Experts confirmed that the animals show traits consistent with wolf-dog cross breeding and they're believed to be part-German shepherd. Nine wolf-dog hybrids were found and are being held at a county facility. The two animals that remain unaccounted for haven’t been seen recently and have likely left the area or died, Fox said.

“We are deeply saddened by this outcome, especially given the efforts to bring the dog to safety,” Fox said.

The hybrid animals aren’t allowed to be kept as pets in the county and officials are looking for a rescue or sanctuary to care for them.

Animal Services has spent about $12,300 caring for the animals in custody, but Fox said there are no plans to recoup that cost from the owner.