Amusement Park To Scale Back Hours After Fights

BOWIE, Md. (AP) — Six Flags America is scaling back hours during its annual Halloween events after a series of fights broke out over the weekend at at the amusement park in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.

A melee prompted the park to close an hour early Saturday and the park said it will begin closing its gates at 9 p.m., news outlets reported. Patrons won't be allowed to reenter the park after 6 p.m., and no new entries will be allowed after 7 p.m., Six Flags said in a statement.

Prince George’s County police confirmed that officers stationed at the park in Bowie responded to the fights and several victims have filed reports, but no arrests have been made.

Police and park officials said they meet regularly to discuss safety and security plans at the park and they're meeting this week to review plans.