Yemen's rebels sentence 30 to death on espionage charges

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — A Yemeni lawyer says a rebel-controlled court has sentenced 30 people to death on charges they committed espionage for the Saudi-led coalition fighting the rebels.

Abdel-Majeed Sabra says the criminal court in the capital Sanaa on Tuesday acquitted six others in the case, which dates back to 2016.

The verdicts against the 30, mainly academics, professionals and students from the Muslim Brotherhood group in Yemen, the Islah party, can be appealed.

The 30 were also accused of providing intelligence to the Saudi-led coalition fighting the rebels, known as Houthis, since 2015.

Amnesty International has condemned the trial as a "mockery of justice." Lynn Maalouf, the group's Middle East director of research, has urged the Houthis to "quash these unjust convictions and brutal sentences and release the 30 men immediately."

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