Ex-Cincinnati councilwoman pleads guilty in vote-sale case

CINCINNATI (AP) — A former Cincinnati city councilwoman accused of accepting $15,000 as part of a scheme to trade votes for money has pleaded guilty to a federal fraud charge.

Tamaya Dennard entered the plea in federal court to a count of honest services wire fraud, meaning defrauding citizens and the council of their right to honest services. No sentencing date was set immediately. The maximum sentence for the count would be 20 years.

Authorities alleged in court documents that in August 2019, Dennard contacted someone she knew who had business before the council and sought money, texting: "I'm sure that I will be able to help you.” They alleged that she received $10,000 on September 9, 2019, and $5,000 in cash about two weeks later.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Dennard, 41, said in a Facebook post Monday that “the world will never break me,” adding the hashtag #BendButDontBreak.