Moose Hunt Getting Started In Northern, Central Maine

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (AP) — Maine's moose hunt is restarting for the season mostly in the northern and central parts of the state.

The state awarded more than 4,000 moose permits this year. That was an increase of hundreds from the previous season. The hunting season is broken up into four stretches that take place in different parts of the state.

The moose hunt in northern and parts of central and Down East Maine starts on Monday and runs to Oct. 16. Another stretch, concentrated in a small part of northern Maine, runs from Oct. 25 to 30. The longest stretch is limited to part of southwestern Maine and runs from Nov. 1 to 27.

Maine's bear, deer and wild turkey seasons are also all taking place at the moment. Deer hunters are currently limited to archery and crossbow use, as the firearms season for deer starts on Nov. 1.