District Looks To Fund Repairs That Are 'nOthing Exciting'

VANCLEAVE, Miss. (AP) — Leaders of a coastal Mississippi school district are trying to figure out how to pay for repairs on buildings, two months after local voters rejected borrowing money for those and other projects.

Jackson County Superintendent John Strycker told school board members on Monday that the district needs to spend about $40 million for roofing, plumbing, electrical and mechanical repairs, WLOX-TV reported.

“You can put that money into those projects, and people don’t even see what you did because, again, when they drive by, it’s nothing exciting like a new building or anything like that,” Strycker said.

Local residents voted against a proposal to issue $67 million in bonds to pay for improvements. Without the power to borrow, the school district will have to set aside cash from annual budgets. It has been spending about $2 million a year.

Strycker said trying to accumulate money to equal the bond amount will take a long time.

“You can do the math on $2 million divided by $67 million," he said. “It will take years to accomplish the projects we want to accomplish, 30 or 35 years.”