Gop's Poliquin To Decamp From Coastal Home To Bangor Area

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin plans to decamp from his coastal home and relocate to the Bangor area for his campaign to take back his seat in Congress.

Poliquin, who has a home in Georgetown, recently sold his family home in Oakland. He said the 2nd Congressional District is so large that it would be easier to live in the Bangor area.

“This makes much more sense to be able to better serve my constituents if the voters want me back, and I hope they will and I expect they will,” he told WVOM. “I’ll be able to better do it from the Bangor area.”

The announcement, first reported by the Bangor Daily New s, didn't impress state Rep. Mike Perkins, an Oakland Republican who's challenging Poliquin in a primary for his party’s backing. The winner of the primary will face Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Golden.

Perkins said he lives in “my little home in the woods” while Poliquin has a $3.4 million coastal estate that's not relatable in the 2nd District.

Perkins told the told the Portland Press Herald that he understands that Poliquin thinks he can relate to regular Mainers because he grew up in Oakland and Waterville but said that's using that logic, “I can relate to the pope because I go to church.”

There's no law requiring members of Congress to reside in the districts they represent. They merely have to reside in the same state.