Man Charged In Anti-Semitic Threats On Social Media

BUXTON, Maine (AP) — A man who authorities say posted anti-Semitic death threats on social media through an anonymous Twitter account was charged with threatening interstate communication.

Brian Dennison, a 24-year-old Maine resident, triggered an FBI investigation into his tweets when he posted a death threat aimed at Jewish people on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Even though Dennison used an anonymous Twitter account, investigators traced his email address, cellphone and an IP address.

Investigators said Dennison posted on Sept. 8 that he was building a bomb. All the threatening posts have been removed but the account was still active as of Sept. 14.

Authorities arrested Dennison on Sept. 11 and also confiscated three guns and large amounts of ammunition in his possession, the newspaper said.

Dennison's parents said he owns an AR-15 but they didn't know where it is. Dennison did not answer investigators' questions.

Dennison has been in custody since his arrest.