4 officers cleared in fatal shooting of former mayor's son

RUTLAND, Vt. (AP) — Four police officers were justified in a shooting that killed the son of the former mayor of Rutland, the Vermont attorney general said Tuesday.

“This has been a tragic event for our community and of course personally for my family," current Mayor David Allaire said. ”I want to unequivocally state my support for the officers involved in this shooting, their heroism and bravery which undoubtedly saved many many lives on that awful October morning."

Christopher Louras, 33, of Rutland, was shot by police Oct. 8, 2019, after firing at the Rutland Police Department in a drive-by shooting and then refusing to stop, authorities said. Officers said they saw him point a semiautomatic rifle out of the vehicle.

Police said Louras, the son of former Mayor Christopher Louras, fired two shots before the chase ended in a parking lot near the Amtrak station in Rutland, and then shot in the direction of officers when he got of out the car, WCAX-TV reported.

Three Rutland city officers and one Rutland town officer fired back, hitting Louras. He then stood up and raised the rifle and was shot again multiple times, police said. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The same day, Christopher Louras' cousin Nicholas Louras was found dead off Route 53 in Salisbury with gunshot wounds. Police consider Christopher Louras a suspect. The homicide case is suspected to be related to drugs.

Allaire is the uncle of Nicholas Louras, the Rutland Herald reported.

"Our family was filled with love and opportunity, and it did not stop the curse of drugs and its heartbreaking impact. No one is immune," former Mayor Louras said in a written statement last year.