A quiet day at Connecticut's Capitol despite protest fears

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Banners supporting President Donald Trump were nowhere to be seen Sunday as hundreds of National Guard members and police officers guarded the state Capitol and a handful of counter protesters waited for a rally that never materialized.

Brian Foley, assistant to the commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, told reporters that high visibility security features like steel barricades and tactical vehicles may have helped discourage violent protests that had been feared.

“I don’t believe that you can over-prepare for this type of situation,” Foley said Sunday at the Legislative Office Building. “I’d much rather be here next Friday telling you guys that we over-prepared, as opposed to saying that we under-prepared.”

Connecticut State Police sent out messages last week saying they were ready for any planned protests after the FBI warned there could be demonstrations at each of the country’s state capitols.

Foley said heightened security will continue through Inauguration Day on Wednesday.

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