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Frat members arrested for cyberstalking in hazing case

Dec. 08, 2021 17:46 PM EST

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Seven members of the recently suspended Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Mississippi have been arrested after they were accused of using social media to harass a former frat member who reported the organization for hazing. The fraternity members...

Teen charged with extorting official with explicit photos

Dec. 02, 2021 20:57 PM EST

MIAMI (AP) — A South Florida teen tried to get $5,000 from a state senator after threatening to release what he said were sexually explicit photos of her, authorities said. Jeremy Kamperveen, 19, of Plantation, was arrested last month and charged with extortion and...

Feds: Track coach tricked women into sending him nude photos

Dec. 02, 2021 14:51 PM EST

BOSTON (AP) — A former college track and field coach accused of setting up sham social media and email accounts in an attempt to trick women into sending him nude or semi-nude photos of themselves has been indicted on 15 counts, federal prosecutors said Thursday. Steve...

Man sentenced to prison for posting sex videos of ex-partner

Dec. 01, 2021 16:14 PM EST

HONOLULU (AP) — A U.S. judge in Hawaii sentenced an Arizona man to three years in prison after he pleaded guilty to cyberstalking and acknowledged posting online sexual videos of a woman he was previously in a relationship with. While in a relationship with the woman,...

Interpol adopts resolution to fight online child abuse

Nov. 24, 2021 12:03 PM EST

ISTANBUL (AP) — Interpol member countries are calling on nations to urge local online end-to-end encryption providers “to take responsibility” and design products with the aim of protecting children against abuse, the international policing body said Wednesday. A...

Man in GoFundMe scam pleads guilty to federal charge

Nov. 22, 2021 16:42 PM EST

A New Jersey man who conspired with his girlfriend to concoct a feelgood story about a helpful homeless man and then used the lie to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations online pleaded guilty on Monday in federal court. Mark D'Amico pleaded guilty before...

2 Iranians charged with threatening US voters in 2020

Nov. 18, 2021 17:21 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two suspected Iranian computer hackers have been charged in a broad campaign of election interference aimed at intimidating American voters during last year's presidential race and undermining confidence that the results of the contest could be trusted. ...

Cleaner for Israeli defense minister charged with espionage

Nov. 18, 2021 17:04 PM EST

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israel has charged the housekeeper for the country's defense minister with espionage for offering to spy for hackers reportedly linked to Iran, Israeli officials said Thursday. The man, identified as Omri Goren, reportedly has a criminal record...

US charges 2 suspected major ransomware operators

Nov. 08, 2021 19:44 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — A suspected Ukrainian hacker has been arrested and charged in the United States in connection with a string of costly ransomware attacks, including one that snarled businesses around the globe on the Fourth of July weekend, U.S. officials said Monday. ...

Suspected hackers linked to wave of ransomware attacks arrested as part of global crackdown on cybercrime

Nov. 08, 2021 09:52 AM EST
WASHINGTON (AP) — Suspected hackers linked to wave of ransomware attacks arrested as part of global crackdown on cybercrime.