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Poll: Many Democrats want more US support for Palestinians

Jun. 23, 2021 08:02 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new poll on American attitudes toward a core conflict in the Middle East finds about half of Democrats want the U.S. to do more to support the Palestinians, showing that a growing rift among Democratic lawmakers is also reflected in the party’s base. ...

Israel approves demolition of Palestinian home after attack

Jun. 23, 2021 07:06 AM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the decision to destroy the family home of a detained Palestinian accused of a deadly shooting. It rejected a petition by his estranged wife, who lives in the house with their children and says she knew nothing about the attack. ...

The Latest: Guam launching COVID-19 vaccine tourism program

Jun. 22, 2021 20:15 PM EDT

HAGATNA, Guam — Guam is launching a vaccine tourism program to encourage citizens of neighboring countries and Americans living in East Asia to come get inoculated against COVID-19. The Pacific Daily News reports the first group of three travelers was arriving on a...

Palestinian Authority arrests activist over online criticism

Jun. 22, 2021 10:35 AM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Palestinian Authority arrested a prominent activist and held him overnight after he criticized its policies in a series of online posts and accused it of arresting another individual for political reasons. The PA, which has limited autonomy in parts...

Palestinians, settlers clash in tense Jerusalem neighborhood

Jun. 22, 2021 06:11 AM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — Palestinians and Jewish settlers hurled stones, chairs and fireworks at each other overnight in a tense Jerusalem neighborhood where settler groups are trying to evict several Palestinian families, officials said Tuesday. The threatened evictions fueled...

The Latest: NKorea tells WHO it has detected no virus cases

Jun. 21, 2021 23:54 PM EDT

SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea has told the World Health Organization it tested more than 30,000 people for the coronavirus through June 10 but has yet to find a single infection. The WHO said in a monitoring report Tuesday that North Korea’s testing figures included...

Israel cites progress in laser that shoots down drones

Jun. 21, 2021 12:44 PM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military said Monday it has successfully tested an airborne high-power laser that can shoot down drones, technology it hopes to deploy on a larger scale in the coming years. Israel already boasts a large and sophisticated air defense system,...

Palestinians say Israel has eased some restrictions on Gaza

Jun. 21, 2021 10:00 AM EDT

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel on Monday eased some restrictions on the Gaza Strip that have threatened a fragile cease-fire, Palestinian officials said. Hamas, however, said the move was really Israel's attempt to pressure the militant group into making concessions. ...

Israeli foreign minister to make first visit to UAE

Jun. 21, 2021 06:08 AM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s new foreign minister will head to the United Arab Emirates next week for the first known visit by a top Israeli diplomat to the Gulf Arab country, the ministry said Monday. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid’s trip comes after the two countries...

Israel says foreign minister will travel to the United Arab Emirates next week, first such visit by top Israeli diplomat

Jun. 21, 2021 04:47 AM EDT
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel says foreign minister will travel to the United Arab Emirates next week, first such visit by top Israeli diplomat.