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Italy's president: Strong democracy crucial against fascism

Jul. 28, 2022 14:04 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — Italy’s president, marking the 100th anniversary of one of the attacks that helped bring dictator Benito Mussolini to power, on Thursday encouraged Italians to reinvigorate their country’s democracy as a bulwark against fascism. President Sergio Mattarella was...

Italy opens humanitarian corridor for 300 Afghan refugees

Jul. 25, 2022 13:31 PM EDT

MILAN (AP) — The first of some 300 Afghan refugees arrived in Rome on Monday along a new humanitarian corridor organized by the Italian government, charities and international organizations, Italy's Foreign Ministry announced. The humanitarian corridor aims to give “additional...

With Italy's Draghi toppled, populists campaign in fast gear

Jul. 22, 2022 13:16 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — The ink had barely dried on a presidential decree putting a premature end to the Italian Parliament's term, but that didn't keep Italy's politicians from rushing into campaign mode Friday following the collapse of Premier Mario Draghi’s government. Perhaps the...

Italy heads to early election after Draghi's coalition fails

Jul. 21, 2022 17:29 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — Italy is headed for an early election after its president accepted Premier Mario Draghi's resignation Thursday and decided there was no possibility for cobbling together another government following the rapid collapse of the ruling coalition. The demise of Draghi’s...

EXPLAINER: Who gains or loses, what's next in Italy crisis

Jul. 21, 2022 16:32 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Mario Draghi’s decision to resign Thursday, barely 12 hours after his “unity” coalition broke apart dramatically in Parliament, was the latest step in a political limbo that will likely last for months before a new government is solidly in place to lead the...

Italy's president has dissolved Parliament, paving the way for an early election after Premier Draghi's resignation

Jul. 21, 2022 11:51 AM EDT
ROME (AP) — Italy's president has dissolved Parliament, paving the way for an early election after Premier Draghi's resignation.

Italian PM Draghi wins vote but unity coalition unravels

Jul. 20, 2022 15:52 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Mario Draghi won a confidence vote Wednesday in the Senate, but it was a hollow victory after three of his key coalition allies boycotted the voting, virtually dooming any prospects for his unity government's survival. The vote Wednesday went 95-38 in...

Italy thwarts illegal auction abroad of Gentileschi painting

Jul. 19, 2022 08:44 AM EDT

ROME (AP) — Italy’s art squad police said Tuesday they have thwarted the potential illegal sale by a Vienna auction house of a 17th-century painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, a celebrated Baroque artist. Carabinieri police said that art merchants had allegedly described the work...

EXPLAINER: Italy is used to crises, but this one is tough

Jul. 19, 2022 05:21 AM EDT

ROME (AP) — Italy has seen dozens of governments since the end of World War II, so it's very accustomed to political crises. But the tumult now roiling its political parties is playing out differently as Premier Mario Draghi's future as the nation's leader hangs in the balance. ...

Pleas pile up in Italy for PM Draghi to rethink exit

Jul. 17, 2022 12:08 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — Pleas were piling up Sunday in Italy aimed at persuading Premier Mario Draghi to stay in office instead of resigning as he tried to do last week after being let down by a populist coalition partner. Hundreds of mayors have signed an open letter. Union leaders and...