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Arizona GOP budget holdouts near win on tax cut changes

Jun. 17, 2021 21:00 PM EDT

PHOENIX (AP) — A pair of Republican Arizona lawmakers who objected to a $1.9 billion tax cut in a $12.8 billion GOP budget deal were close Thursday to winning major concessions that would secure their support for the spending plan before the whole deal came to a halt over the tax cut's...

Illinois governor signs $42B state spending plan into law

Jun. 17, 2021 19:19 PM EDT

CHICAGO (AP) — Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a $42 billion spending plan for Illinois on Thursday that includes $2.5 billion in spending from a multiyear federal relief package. “Illinois has taken a giant step forward toward true fiscal stability,” Pritzker said during...

Analysis: Many issues settled as session reaches final days

Jun. 06, 2021 16:56 PM EDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The Louisiana legislative session enters its last week with Republican leaders' main tax overhaul proposals unfinished, but most other major issues settled in a rare year where lawmakers likely won't be scrambling to finish their workload in the session's waning...

G-7 back steps to deter tax dodging by multinational firms

Jun. 05, 2021 14:47 PM EDT

LONDON (AP) — The Group of Seven wealthy democracies agreed Saturday to support a global minimum corporate tax of at least 15% to deter multinational companies from avoiding taxes by stashing profits in low-rate countries. G-7 finance ministers meeting in London also...

UK treasury chief: G7 finance ministers reach deal on global tax reform aimed at getting tech giants to pay fair share

Jun. 05, 2021 07:42 AM EDT
LONDON (AP) — UK treasury chief: G7 finance ministers reach deal on global tax reform aimed at getting tech giants to pay fair share.

After decades-long fight, Nevada lawmakers raise mining tax

Jun. 01, 2021 00:02 AM EDT

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — In a state that produces more gold than all but four countries, lawmakers voted to reform how the state taxes the mining industry, passing a measure that will effectively double the amount of taxes imposed on silver and gold mines. After...

Arizona budget faces GOP opposition as debate delayed

May. 27, 2021 00:33 AM EDT

PHOENIX (AP) — Contentious division among Republican lawmakers about a state budget deal negotiated between GOP Gov. Doug Ducey and majority Republican legislative leaders is in the forefront as the Arizona House delayed a scheduled Wednesday debate. Numerous Republican...

Analysis: What we saw at the revolution

May. 23, 2021 17:04 PM EDT

These things, we knew, were true by the end of 1987. Buddy Roemer was a rising star on the state and national scene. Presidential material, perhaps. He’d leapt past a flock of better-known candidates for governor that year with intellect and forthright, dead-earnest...

House Democrats reverse course, back GOP-pushed tax swap

May. 20, 2021 19:13 PM EDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The Louisiana House on Thursday backed a complicated income tax swap that is the centerpiece of Republican leaders’ bid to overhaul the state's tax structure, boosting the possibility that lawmakers can strike a final deal on the effort before time runs out in the...

Pressured by protests, Colombian lawmakers nix health reform

May. 19, 2021 20:28 PM EDT

BUCARAMANGA, Colombia (AP) — Colombian lawmakers voted against a health system overhaul bill Wednesday, giving protesters another victory after 20 days of street demonstrations that have left dozens dead and forced the government to retreat on tax reform. Health...