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At UN climate talks, fossil fuel interests have hundreds of employees on hand

Dec. 04, 2023 00:50 AM EST

At least 1,300 employees of organizations representing fossil fuel interests registered to attend this year's United Nations climate talks in Dubai, more than three times the number found in an Associated Press analysis of last year's talks, as new rules took effect requiring attendees to disclose...

Israel expands Gaza ground offensive, vows to hit the south with 'no less strength' than the north

Dec. 03, 2023 22:31 PM EST

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel's ground offensive expanded to every part of the Gaza Strip, its military said Sunday, as it ordered more evacuations and vowed to hit south Gaza with “no less strength” than the fight that has reduced large parts of north Gaza to a moonscape. ...

Here's why the UAE, the autocratic COP28 host, has to allow limited protests at the summit

Dec. 03, 2023 19:55 PM EST

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Participants at the United Nations' COP28 climate talks Sunday found themselves greeted by the rarest sights in the United Arab Emirates — public protests. From the largest demonstration seen in the UAE since the start of the raging...

Harris dashed to Dubai to tackle climate change and war. Each carries high political risks at home

Dec. 03, 2023 19:52 PM EST

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Filling in for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris flew to the Middle East to tackle a pair of challenges that have flummoxed White Houses for decades: climate change and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Each carries the risk of political blowback...

Earth is running a fever. And UN climate talks are focusing on the contagious effect on human health

Dec. 03, 2023 12:24 PM EST

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — With Planet Earth running a fever, U.N. climate talks focused Sunday on the contagious effects on human health. Under a brown haze over Dubai, the COP28 summit moved past two days of lofty rhetoric and calls for unity from top leaders to concerns...

Pope Francis says he's doing better but again skips his window appearance facing St. Peter's Square

Dec. 03, 2023 07:18 AM EST

VATICAN CITY (AP) — For a second Sunday, an ailing Pope Francis skipped his popular window appearance to the public in St. Peter’s Square, but in televised remarks said he’s doing better even though his voice wouldn't let him read all his comments aloud. As he did a week...

Harris focuses on shaping a post-conflict Gaza during a diplomatic blitz in Dubai with Arab leaders

Dec. 02, 2023 14:30 PM EST

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Vice President Kamala Harris engaged in a speed round of diplomatic talks with Arab leaders on Saturday where she focused on shaping the outlook for a post-conflict Gaza while calling on Israel to do more to protect Palestinian civilians from the...

US targets oil and natural gas industry's role in global warming with new rule on methane emissions

Dec. 02, 2023 12:54 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration on Saturday issued a final rule aimed at reducing methane emissions, targeting the U.S. oil and natural gas industry for its role in global warming as President Joe Biden seeks to advance his climate legacy. The Environmental Protection...

At COP28 meeting, oil companies pledge to combat methane. Environmentalists call it a "smokescreen"

Dec. 02, 2023 12:11 PM EST

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Fifty oil companies representing nearly half of global production have pledged to reach near-zero methane emissions and end routine flaring in their operations by 2030, the president of this year's United Nations climate talks said Saturday, a move that...

At UN climate talks, 50 oil companies pledge to slash methane emissions; Environmentalists call it "smokescreen"

Dec. 02, 2023 07:19 AM EST
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — At UN climate talks, 50 oil companies pledge to slash methane emissions; Environmentalists call it "smokescreen."