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Editorial Roundup: Texas

Sep. 27, 2021 10:07 AM EDT

Dallas Morning News. Sept. 25, 2021. Editorial: Biden administration misled America on Haitian migrants The most important leadership skill for any administration is to be frank, direct and purposeful — to say what they mean and mean what they say....

Editorial Roundup: Ohio

Sep. 27, 2021 09:08 AM EDT

Columbus Dispatch. Sept. 24, 2021. Editorial: Disingenuous Ohio Republicans disregard will of people to maintain dominance Ohio voters, we have egg all over our faces. How silly of us to think that the state’s top elected...

The Latest: Social Democrats beat Merkel bloc in German vote

Sep. 26, 2021 23:03 PM EDT

The latest on Germany's general election on Sunday: The center-left Social Democrats have won the biggest share of the vote in Germany’s national election, beating outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Union bloc in a closely fought race. ...

Concerned United Nations can only sidestep Myanmar crisis

Sep. 26, 2021 20:31 PM EDT

BANGKOK (AP) — In his speech last week to open the U.N. General Assembly, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres bracketed Myanmar with Afghanistan and Ethiopia as nations where "peace and stability remain a distant dream.” He declared unwavering support for the people of...

German vote: With Merkel leaving, exit poll shows chancellor’s Union bloc, center-left Social Democrats neck-and-neck

Sep. 26, 2021 12:04 PM EDT
BERLIN (AP) — German vote: With Merkel leaving, exit poll shows chancellor’s Union bloc, center-left Social Democrats neck-and-neck.

Voter registration event set for Atlanta area rail stations

Sep. 26, 2021 11:30 AM EDT

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta's transit authority plans to host a nonpartisan voter registration event at several of its rail stations. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA, is set to host local nonprofit organizations who will help people register to...

Georgia rally marks debut of GOP primary 'Trump ticket'

Sep. 25, 2021 20:34 PM EDT

PERRY, Ga. (AP) — The rewards of an early Donald Trump endorsement were on display Saturday in Georgia when a three-man ticket of candidates he's backing in 2022 Republican primaries were featured at one of his signature rallies. But GOP opponents of Trump-backed candidates aren't folding...

EXPLAINER: As Arizona election 'audit' ends, new ones begin

Sep. 25, 2021 10:56 AM EDT

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The most closely watched attempt by Republicans to examine the 2020 presidential election in a battleground state lost by former President Donald Trump is coming to an embarrassing end in Arizona, but their efforts are cranking up elsewhere. The...

Icelanders vote with climate change on everyone's mind

Sep. 25, 2021 10:32 AM EDT

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) — Icelanders were voting Saturday in a general election dominated by climate change, with an unprecedented number of political parties likely to win parliamentary seats. Polls suggest there won’t be an outright winner, triggering complex...

'Marriage for all'? Swiss voters to decide same-sex marriage

Sep. 25, 2021 09:02 AM EDT

GENEVA (AP) — Voters in Switzerland will decide Sunday whether to allow same-sex marriages in the rich Alpine country, one of the few in Western Europe where gay and lesbian couples do not already have the right to wed. Switzerland has authorized same-sex civil...