Missouri To Offer Tax Breaks To Help Fix Up State Capitol

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri taxpayers wanting to help fix up the state Capitol soon will be able to claim a tax break for making donations to the cause.

Gov. Mike Parson signed legislation Tuesday authorizing up to $10 million of tax credits annually for individuals and entities that make donations to a new fund to make improvements at the Capitol and four nearby old buildings in Jefferson City — the Supreme Court building, the former federal courthouse, the governor's mansion and the headquarters for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Those who contribute money can get a 50% tax credit while donors of artifacts can get a 30% tax credit.

The state recently completed a five-year $54 million exterior renovation of the century-old Capitol and its monuments. But work still could be done on the interior.

The state budget regularly includes money for maintenance of state buildings. Donations to the new Capitol Complex Fund would go primarily to rehabilitation renovation projects, with a smaller portion set aside for maintenance. The commissioner of administration would decide how to spend the money.