Iowa positive coronavirus cases jump 676, approaching 30,000

The number of confirmed positive coronavirus cases identified in Iowa continues to increase with 676 new positive cases reported by state health officials on Thursday.

The new cases brought the state's total known positive cases to 29,966. The number of deaths remained at 717.

Iowa Department of Public Health data indicates positive case numbers had been in decline since early May but began a slow climb again around mid-June. That is about two weeks after Gov. Kim Reynolds reopened bars and restaurants and relaxed other restrictions on large gatherings and social activities.

After media reports highlighted spikes in college towns that caused some bars and restaurants to close again, Reynolds said increased cases were tied to young adults.

She said Monday at a news conference that since mid-June, there has been a big increase in confirmed cases among adults aged 18 to 40. She continues to place the responsibility on business owners and individuals to stop the virus spread.

“COVID-19 as you know is not over. It's still in our communities so we all have to continue to do our part to contain and manage it and that applies to every Iowan regardless of age,” she said.

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