Vandals damage dozens of gravestones at Waterloo cemetery

WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Police in Waterloo are investigating after dozens of gravestones were damaged in a late-night vandalism spree.

Up to 50 gravestones were toppled or moved at Elmwood Cemetery sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, cemetery manager Joe Fox told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

“They toppled some huge markers. It would take two or three adults to cause some of this. To do that many, and that many large ones, they had to of really intentionally wanted to come out and do some damage,” Fox said.

Among the headstones damaged was one for a 2-month-old baby named Allen who died in the 1800s. It appeared to be thrown about 5 feet from the burial spot.

Although that marker was intact, others were shattered.

“Some of these old ones that are in pieces. Sometimes we can’t get those fixed,” Fox said.

Waterloo police photographed the damage and collected evidence but had made no arrests as of Tuesday night.