On-duty Louisville officer accused of sexually abusing woman

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — An on-duty Louisville police officer has been accused of sexually abusing a woman working at a gas station, including under the appearance of a search.

Officer Robert Neff, 25, was served with a summons Wednesday following an investigation by the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Public Integrity Unit into the allegations made against him by the victim, news outlets reported.

The probe began after the victim told another officer about several encounters she had with Neff inside a Thorntons gas station in March, according to the complaint.

During an encounter on March 10, the complaint said Neff walked into the gas station while on-duty, tied the victim’s hand with plastic, and then untied it when she pulled away. He then followed her into a back room and gave her an unwanted hug and a kiss on the cheek, the complaint said.

When he returned to the Thorntons later that day while off-duty, the complaint said the victim told Neff she was not interested in a relationship. She once again rebuffed Neff when he came back the next day to express his ”desire to be in a relationship” with her, the complaint said.

Neff then followed the victim to the back room and “under the guise of performing a search” touched her chest, the complaint said. After the woman tried to avoid Neff for nearly 45 minutes inside the store, he once again followed her to the back room and put his hands around her bra and the inside of her legs, according to the complaint.

He left the store more than two hours later after taking off her shoes and refusing to return it to her when she wouldn’t remove her socks, the complaint said. Neff now faces sexual abuse and harassment charges.

He has been on administrative reassignment since late March, Louisville Metro Police Department spokesman Lamont Washington said. It was not immediately clear if Neff had a lawyer who could comment on his behalf.