Police search for truck, driver after shooting by officer

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) — Police say they have been searching for the driver of a white pickup who they say fled after intentionally ramming the truck into a patrol vehicle, which prompted officers to open fire.

North Las Vegas police said late Friday that they had attempted to stop the pickup, which had a fake license plate and was pulling out of a business complex when officers spotted it earlier that morning. The driver instead led an officer-in-training and training officer on a chase.

Police did not immediately respond to emails or a voicemail early Saturday with a status on the search.

Police say the truck stopped during the chase before the driver threw it in reverse, rammed into the patrol vehicle's passenger door and drove off. An officer who was injured when the vehicle was struck opened fire.

Police say the Ford F-150 has been linked to a string of commercial burglaries.

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