Two Missouri Highway Workers Killed, One Injured By Vehicle

MEHLVILLE, Mo. (AP) — Two state Department of Transportation workers were killed and another was seriously injured Thursday after they were hit by a car on an interstate ramp in eastern Missouri, authorities said.

The collision occurred as the workers were repainting stripes on a ramp onto Interstate 255 in Mehlville, said Cpl. Dallas Thompson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Two of the workers, a man and woman, died at the scene. A third was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The driver of the Chevrolet Cavalier was also taken to a hospital but the extent of the driver’s injuries was unclear, Thompson said.

The names of those involved were not released.

Thompson said Missouri law requires drivers to change lanes, if safe to do so, when approaching transportation department vehicles.

“We are still investigating what happened here,” Thompson said. “But people need to move over and eliminate distractions to keep people out here just doing their jobs out of danger.”