Rifle At Youth Soccer Tournament Spreads Panic In Salt Lake

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A man who displayed a rifle at a youth soccer tournament, spreading panic through the crowd, wasn't prompted by anything related to the game, police said Monday.

People screamed “active shooter” as parents and players ran to take cover behind cars in the parking lot after the man retrieved the gun from his car on Saturday afternoon, the Deseret News reported.

Ultimately no shots were fired, but it was terrifying for many who were there.

“It was pretty traumatizing,” said parent Megan Perkins. “My kid is pretty shaken."

The man had been involved in an argument at the game when he went back to his car and retrieved the weapon, Salt Lake City Police said.

No one has been arrested, but those involved have been identified by investigators. Police did not release their names or say what the argument was about but said it did not appear to be related to the game or the tournament, according to a statement Monday.

U.S. Youth Soccer officials said they were saddened by the traumatic experience but proud of staff and volunteers who helped diffuse the situation. The team associated with the people involved was expelled from the tournament, the organization said. Additional sanctions are possible.