Mining Company Seeks Permit In Marathon County

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A mining company wants permission to explore for gold and other minerals in Marathon County.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Friday that Green Light Metals submitted an exploratory drilling application to the county on Thursday. The company wants to explore near the Dells of Eau Claire River County Park. The company received a state permit in February that’s good through June 30.

The site likely would become an open-pit mine if Green Light decides to launch a full-scale operation there. Mining at the site could become the first such activity in Wisconsin after legislators overturned a moratorium in 2017.

Marathon County officials are preparing for feedback from community members over the proposal.

“It will be a hot topic, I’ll be the first to admit,” said County Board member Jacob Langenhahn, who also co-chairs the Metallic Mining Committee.

Some community members aren't happy with the idea.

“It’s such a pristine beautiful area,” said Nancy Stencil. “Leave it alone, you know. We don’t need people touching that.”


This story was first published on April 29. It was updated on May 2 to correct the name of the park, which had been erroneously referred to simply as Eau Claire River County Park, and to note that the mining company wants to explore near the park, not in it.