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Democrats step on shaky political ground with fracking bans

Sep. 11, 2019 12:42 AM EDT

DENVER (AP) — Several Democratic presidential candidates are running on a promise to ban fracking — and stepping on unstable political ground as they do so. An all-out prohibition on the controversial natural gas extraction process — backed by Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth...

Democratic candidates focus on climate change in town halls

Sep. 5, 2019 12:07 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top Democratic presidential contenders talked tough Wednesday on cutting climate-damaging emissions from oil, gas and coal, turning their focus to global warming in a marathon evening of town halls that gave the candidates a chance to distinguish themselves on a topic of growing...

Trump claims credit for Shell plant announced under Obama

Aug. 13, 2019 6:49 PM EDT

MONACA, Pa. (AP) — President Donald Trump sought to take credit Tuesday for a major manufacturing complex in western Pennsylvania in his latest effort to reinvigorate the Rust Belt support that sent him to the White House. He was cheered on by fluorescent-vest-clad workers who were paid to attend by Shell,...