Hanover Unveils State's Largest Municipal Solar Array

HANOVER, N.H. (AP) — New solar arrays in Hanover are expected to generate enough electricity to meet nearly 100% of the town's municipal electricity needs through group metering.

The town unveiled two adjacent ground-mounted arrays consisting of more than 4,000 panels on Thursday. They were installed by Enfield-based ReVision Energy, which said the project is the largest single-site municipal solar array in New Hampshire.

The purchase agreement will allow the town to acquire clean electricity at below-market rates for five years and then acquire the solar arrays as a long-term clean energy endowment.

“In battling the impacts of climate change, communities need to be in a leadership role,” Julia Griffin, Hanover’s town manager, said in a statement. “One very important component of that is solarizing the heck out of every possible rooftop, and to pursue at the Town level large ground-mounted solar arrays.”