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China's Sinopec signs agreement to enter retail fuel market in crisis-hit Sri Lanka

May. 22, 2023 22:12 PM EDT

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Chinese petroleum giant Sinopec signed an agreement with Sri Lanka on Monday to enter the South Asian island country's retail fuel market as it struggles to resolve a worsening energy crisis amid an unprecedented economic upheaval. The contract agreement...

Denmark hopes to pump some climate gas beneath the sea floor

Mar. 08, 2023 15:56 PM EST

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark pushed the button Wednesday on an ambitious project that aims to bury vast amounts of planet-heating carbon dioxide gas beneath the North Sea floor, in the hope that it can help the Nordic nation and others meet climate targets. An international...

Oil CEO who will head 2023 climate talks calls for change

Mar. 06, 2023 19:20 PM EST

A top oil company CEO who will lead international climate talks later this year told energy industry power players on Monday that the world must cut emissions 7% each year and eliminate all releases of the greenhouse gas methane — strong comments from an oil executive. “Let me...