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The Latest: Johnson says he can see 'shape' of a Brexit deal

Sep. 16, 2019 11:02 AM EDT

LUXEMBOURG (AP) — The Latest on Brexit (all times local): 5 p.m. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said after a meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that "there is a good chance" of a Brexit deal with the European Union. Johnson says "I can see the shape" of an agreement,...

Johnson denies lying to queen, wins Brexit court case

Sep. 12, 2019 12:53 PM EDT

LONDON (AP) — The British government insisted Thursday that its forecast of food and medicine shortages, gridlock at ports and riots in the streets after a no-deal Brexit is an avoidable worst-case scenario, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson denied misleading Queen Elizabeth II about his reasons for...

The Latest: EU official: No new Brexit proposals from UK

Sep. 12, 2019 7:24 AM EDT

LONDON (AP) — The Latest on Brexit (all times local): 12:20 p.m. European Parliament President David Sassoli says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government has made no new proposals that would unblock Brexit talks and that talking about removing the so-called backstop from the divorce agreement is...

Northern Ireland court rejects case claiming government Brexit strategy would harm peace process

Sep. 12, 2019 6:19 AM EDT
LONDON (AP) — Northern Ireland court rejects case claiming government Brexit strategy would harm peace process.

UK opposition rages at Johnson after he suspends Parliament

Sep. 10, 2019 10:44 AM EDT

LONDON (AP) — Opposition politicians raged Tuesday at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's five-week suspension of Parliament before the deadline for Brexit, which drew angry and unprecedented protests in the House of Commons. Parliament has been prorogued — or suspended — at the government's...

Irish border riddle still confounds the Brexit experts

Sep. 9, 2019 11:53 AM EDT

BRUSSELS (AP) — In announcing Monday that he hopes to break the Brexit deadlock by next month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seeking to solve in a matter of weeks a puzzle that has troubled European and British specialists for more than two years. Before negotiations on Britain's departure from the...

The Latest: British PM: Parliament could wreck Brexit deal

Sep. 3, 2019 11:07 PM EDT

LONDON (AP) — The Latest on Brexit (all times local): 11:35 p.m. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain's Parliament is "on the brink of wrecking any deal" his government might be able to make with the European Union on Brexit terms. He said Tuesday after a sound defeat in Parliament that a possible...

Parliament's suspension before Brexit protested across UK

Aug. 31, 2019 1:06 PM EDT

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson's provocative decision to suspend the British Parliament for a time before the country's deadline for leaving the European Union came under fire Saturday in London and other cities where protesters took to the streets. The demonstrations were called ahead of what...

The Latest: Queen approves request to suspend Parliament

Aug. 29, 2019 1:13 AM EDT

LONDON (AP) — The latest on Brexit (all times local): 3:30 p.m. Ireland's foreign minister says it's too late to renegotiate Britain's departure deal from the European Union. Foreign Minister Simon Coveney on Wednesday reiterated Ireland's opposition to the EU renegotiating the Brexit agreement approved by...

Will the real Mr. No-Deal step forward please?

Aug. 25, 2019 2:00 AM EDT

BIARRITZ, France (AP) — Deal or No Deal? One might think the issue would be on the minds of two leaders at the vortex of the question of whether the UK will leave the European Union without a deal in October.  But as Britain and the European Union hurtle toward a no-deal Brexit, the contest Saturday...