Police Recover Rifle After Woman Fatally Shot While Cooking

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Hartford police say they have recovered the rifle used in a shooting that took the life of a city woman who was inside her apartment cooking when she was hit by a stray bullet.

Police Chief Jason Thody said no arrests have been made in the Wednesday evening killing of 56-year-old Sylvia Cordova, but investigators have significant leads.

Cordova was found dead inside her apartment by police doing a neighborhood canvas after responding to reports of shots fired, Thody said.

He said the shot came from the street and was targeting someone else in a dispute that “had nothing to do with that area.”

“She was truly an unintended victim in this,” he said.

Thody said the rifle, which he described as an assault-style weapon, was recovered about 10 hours after the shooting. He did not say how or where it was located.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said the shooting points to the need for a national ban on assault rifles, saying that while such weapons are illegal in Connecticut, they are often brought into the city from out of state.

“There are now words to describe our community's anger and frustration and grief at a loss of life like this,” he said.

Authorities said the shooting was unrelated to a second homicide, which occurred less than 30 minutes later in another part of the city.

In that case, Trelique Ward, 22, of East Hartford, was killed in an exchange of gunfire, Thody said. The suspect in that case, Aubrey Perry, 35, of Hartford, was wounded in the shooting and will be charged with murder when he is “medically capable," Thody said.