Resident Threatens Code Officer Before Explosions At Home

EAGLEVILLE, Pa. (AP) — A man threatened a code enforcement officer shortly before a series of explosions at his home turned into a raging fire Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Police were working to locate the man while fire crews battled the blaze at the Eagle Stream Townhouses in Eagleville. The blaze later spread to at least two other homes.

Lower Providence Township Police Chief Michael Jackson said a township code enforcement officer had gone to the home for a follow-up inspection around 1 p.m. Jackson did not provide details of any possible code violations or the reason for the inspection.

The resident brandished a handgun and threatened the code officer, Jackson said. When police arrived at the home, the resident ran inside where a series of loud explosions were heard coming from the residence. A fire quickly broke out and spread to the nearby homes.

Jackson did not release the man's name and said officers were uncertain if he was still inside the home.

At least one person sustained minor injuries from the fire and was treated at a hospital.