Police commander sues over database of offensive posts

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia police commander who was named in a database cataloging offensive social media posts made by police officers is suing the advocates who published it.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Inspector D. F. Pace filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the Plain View Project organizers who flagged his Facebook activity.

Pace claims they damaged his reputation by associating him with the scandal that led to the Philadelphia Police Department firing 15 officers this summer and disciplining hundreds more.

The included remark was a comment Pace left on another officer's 2016 post about Otto Warmbier, a college student who was detained in North Korea.

Pace's attorney says he has endured "mental anguish and irreparable harm to reputation."

Pace was required to attend social media sensitivity training but has not been suspended or fired.

A co-founder of database says they stand by the project.


Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer, http://www.inquirer.com

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