South Dakota Tech Company Poised For Growth In Cybersecurity

MADISON, S.D. (AP) — In a new 5,000-square-foot building, Infotech Solutions of Madison is ready to grow as more businesses realize the need for cybersecurity services.

“We’ve got plenty of room,” said Infotech owner Darin Namken. “We’re planning on some growth.”

Namken describes Infotech as a complete managed service provider for customers with computer systems.

“We lock it all down,” Namken said. “We’re like a full-time employee” making sure that back-ups are in place and email systems are working.

Infotech offers a variety of service packages for customers whose needs may range from fighting off ransomware to opening a reluctant Word file, the Madison Daily Leader reported.

“They’re not going to get dinged for every little call,” Namken said.

Namken also operates Bulldog Media, which specializes in online customer acquisition for clients in the financial services industry. Infotech was started to handle the technology needs of Bulldog Media.

The technology services company has grown, thanks in part to a steady stream of tech-savvy students from Dakota State University.

Without DSU students to tap as employees, Namken said, “We probably never would have started it here.”

Namken likens the cybersecurity of many businesses to a grocery store that may lock the back door but leaves the key under a mat.

“A lot of places we go into,” Namken said, “the door isn’t even locked.”

As more businesses deal with ransomware, Namken expects cybersecurity to lead the way in Infotech’s growth.

Business owners may believe that ransomware attacks can’t happen in South Dakota, Namken said, but they are happening already.

“They’re targeting South Dakota because that’s what we’re thinking — that they won’t come here,” Namken said.

As ransomware attacks become more frequent, Namken believes that business owners will need to change their attitudes.

“Businesses always look at IT as an expense,” Namken said. “They really have to look at it as an investment.”