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Idaho hospitals working to resume full operations after cyberattack

Jun. 01, 2023 18:13 PM EDT

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — Two eastern Idaho hospitals and their clinics are working to resume full operations after a cyberattack on their computer systems. Officials with Idaho Falls Community Hospital said the attack happened Monday, causing some clinics to close, some...

After 22 years in a coma, Israeli woman critically wounded in 2001 Jerusalem suicide bombing dies

Jun. 01, 2023 11:55 AM EDT

JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli woman critically wounded in a 2001 suicide bombing at a Jerusalem restaurant has died, an Israeli hospital said Thursday. Her death marks the sixteenth fatality from that attack. Hana Nachenberg was 31 at the time and was dining with her 3-year-old...

UN nuclear chief urges Russia and Ukraine to ban attacks at Europe's largest nuclear power plant

May. 30, 2023 19:25 PM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. nuclear chief stressed Tuesday that the world is fortunate a nuclear accident hasn’t happened in Ukraine and asked Moscow and Kyiv to commit to preventing any attack on Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and make other pledges “to avoid the danger of a...

Russia says drones lightly damage Moscow buildings before dawn, while Ukraine's capital bombarded

May. 30, 2023 17:06 PM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A rare drone attack jolted Moscow early Tuesday, causing only light damage but forcing evacuations as residential buildings were struck in the Russian capital for the first time in the war against Ukraine. The Kremlin, meanwhile, pursued its relentless bombardment of Kyiv...

Worst cyberattack in Greece disrupts high school exams, causes political spat

May. 30, 2023 15:08 PM EDT

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece’s Education Ministry says it has been targeted in a cyberattack described as the most extensive in the country’s history, aimed at disabling a centralized high school examination platform. It said the distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks...

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes gets 18 years in prison in 1st seditious conspiracy sentence in Jan. 6 attack

May. 25, 2023 13:10 PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes gets 18 years in prison in 1st seditious conspiracy sentence in Jan. 6 attack.

Microsoft: State-sponsored Chinese hackers could be laying groundwork for disruption

May. 24, 2023 20:13 PM EDT

BOSTON (AP) — State-backed Chinese hackers have been targeting U.S. critical infrastructure and could be laying the technical groundwork for the potential disruption of critical communications between the U.S. and Asia during future crises, Microsoft said Wednesday. The targets...

Who's behind the attack on a Russian region bordering Ukraine?

May. 24, 2023 16:37 PM EDT

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — Russia alleges that dozens of Ukrainian militants crossed into one of its border towns in its Belgorod region, striking targets and forcing an evacuation, before over 70 of the attackers were killed or pushed back by what the authorities termed a counterterrorism...

Philadelphia Inquirer hit by cyberattack causing newspaper's largest disruption in decades

May. 15, 2023 18:24 PM EDT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Philadelphia Inquirer says a weekend cyberattack caused the biggest disruption to its operations in 27 years and prevented it from publishing its Sunday print edition. The attack was detected Saturday morning when employees found that the paper's...

Prince Harry's lawyer says British tabloid spied on 'industrial scale'

May. 10, 2023 13:40 PM EDT

LONDON (AP) — The British publisher of the Daily Mirror apologized for one instance of snooping on Prince Harry but denied his other claims Wednesday, as a trial for one of Harry's phone hacking lawsuits began with the prince's lawyer accusing the newspaper of unlawfully gathering information on...