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Police swoop on Balkan cartel's European ‘cocaine pipeline’

Sep. 27, 2021 10:54 AM EDT

MADRID (AP) — Law enforcement agencies from eight European countries pounced on a Balkan crime organization allegedly running the continent's largest cocaine distribution network, making 61 arrests and seizing more than four metric tons (4.4 tons) of the drug, authorities said Monday. ...

Scientists: Spanish volcano has entered 'low activity' phase

Sep. 27, 2021 07:12 AM EDT

LOS LLANOS DE ARIDANE, Canary Islands (AP) — A Spanish island volcano that has buried more than 500 buildings and displaced over 6,000 people since last week lessened its activity on Monday, although scientists warned that it was too early to declare the eruption phase finished and...

Volcanic ash cloud halts flights to and from Spanish island

Sep. 26, 2021 12:06 PM EDT

LA PALMA, Canary Islands (AP) — A massive cloud of ash prevented flights in and out of the Spanish island of La Palma on Sunday as molten rock continued to be flung high into the air from an erupting volcano. No flights arrived or departed, despite emergency workers...

Catalonia's Puigdemont to attend October extradition hearing

Sep. 25, 2021 15:33 PM EDT

ALGHERO, Sardinia (AP) — Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont vowed Saturday to keep travelling throughout Europe to campaign for the region's independence from Spain but confirmed he would appear at an Oct. 4 hearing to decide whether he will be extradited to Spain to face sedition...

Volcanic ash cloud closes La Palma airport; new vent emerges

Sep. 25, 2021 11:56 AM EDT

MADRID (AP) — The airport on the Spanish island of La Palma shut down Saturday because of an ash cloud spewing out of a volcano that has been erupting for a week, and scientists said another volcanic vent opened up, exposing islanders to possible new dangers. The...

Catalan separatist leader out of Sardinia jail, can travel

Sep. 24, 2021 13:02 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont left a jail in Sardinia on Friday after a judge ruled that he could go free pending an Oct. 4 hearing on his extradition to Spain, where the political firebrand is wanted for sedition. Puigdemont, the former...

Spanish volcano still packs a punch 5 days after eruption

Sep. 24, 2021 11:14 AM EDT

TODOQUE, Canary Islands (AP) — A volcano in Spain’s Canary Islands kept nerves on edge Friday for a fifth day since it erupted, producing loud explosions, a huge ash cloud and cracking open a new fissure that spewed out more fiery molten rock. The archipelago’s...

Italian lawyer says Catalan separatist leader to be freed soon from jail ahead of ruling on Spain's extradition request

Sep. 24, 2021 10:45 AM EDT
ROME (AP) — Italian lawyer says Catalan separatist leader to be freed soon from jail ahead of ruling on Spain's extradition request.

August proves deadliest month for migrants braving Atlantic

Sep. 24, 2021 10:27 AM EDT

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Migrant deaths along the Atlantic route from West Africa to Spain's Canary Islands reached a record high last month with 379 lives lost, the International Organization for Migration said Friday. Those deaths account for nearly half the total...

Ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont detained in Sardinia

Sep. 23, 2021 20:10 PM EDT

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, who fled Spain after a failed secession bid for the northeastern region in 2017, was detained Thursday in Sardinia, Italy, his lawyer said. Puigdemont, who lives in Belgium and now holds a seat in the...