8 People Die In Brazil's Rio De Janeiro State As Heavy Rains Cause Landslides And Floods

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — At least eight people died in Rio de Janeiro state due to landslides and floods caused by heavy rains Thursday, Brazilian authorities said. A 6-year-old was listed as missing in the countryside city of Mendes.

Four of the dead, including an 8-month-old, were members of the same family in the city of Barra do Pirai, officials said. The family's house was destroyed by a landslide.

More than 100 people were left homeless across the state, according to mayors of different cities.

The state government warned that there was still a high possibility of more floods and landslides in 10 cities, including in Rio de Janeiro city.

Local media reported several cases of desperate residents working as improvised rescue teams in an attempt to save lives. Some hard-hit area had not yet been reached by firefighters and police.