Police Kill 2 Steers That Fled Missouri Processing Plant

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. (AP) — Two steers that escaped from a suburban Kansas City meat processing plant where shot and killed by police — including one on a high school football field, officials said.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon, after three steers escaped the Valley Oaks meat processing plant and headed through residential and business district streets, Blue Springs Police spokeswoman Jennifer Brady confirmed.

While crews managed to corral one steer and load it onto a trailer, the other two had to be killed, Brady said. One steer was shot by police as it headed onto Interstate 70. The other made its way to Blue Springs High School’s freshman campus football field, where it was fatally shot.

“Unfortunately, we could not get a veterinarian to respond and officers had to shoot the steers, which had displayed erratic behavior and presented an immediate danger to persons and property," Brady said in an email to The Associated Press on Thursday.

Brady said the students were kept safe inside the school as the animal was shot.