Latest Monsoons News

Heavy flooding in southern Myanmar displaces more than 14,000 people

Oct. 09, 2023 12:28 PM EDT

BANGKOK (AP) — Flooding triggered by heavy monsoon rains in Myanmar’s southern areas has displaced more than 14,000 people and disrupted traffic on the rail lines that connect the country’s biggest cities, officials and state-run media said Monday. State television MRTV...

Arizona's biggest city has driest monsoon season since weather service began record-keeping in 1895

Oct. 01, 2023 17:45 PM EDT

PHOENIX (AP) — After a summer of extreme heat, Arizona’s most populous city is in the record books again. This time Phoenix is notching a record for dry heat. The National Weather Service said Sunday that the monsoon season this year in the arid Southwest dropped only 0.15 inches...

India's devastating monsoon season is a sign of things to come, as climate and poor planning combine

Oct. 01, 2023 02:12 AM EDT

BENGALURU, India (AP) — Sanjay Chauhan witnessed monsoon rains lash down over his home and farm in the Indian Himalayas this year with a magnitude and intensity he's never experienced before. “Buildings have collapsed, roads are broken, there were so many landslides including one...