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Biden passed that torch slowly, hanging on until the wheels finally came off

Jul. 23, 2024 00:08 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — As the formulaic “pass the torch” drumbeat thumped on from lawmakers wanting him to quit the race, President Joe Biden maintained a brave face. Publicly, he vowed he was all in, until the day he got out. But there were telling indications he was listening to...

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorses Vice President Kamala Harris for president with 'enthusiastic support'

Jul. 22, 2024 13:31 PM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorses Vice President Kamala Harris for president with 'enthusiastic support.'

Takeaways from a day that fundamentally changed the presidential race

Jul. 22, 2024 00:20 AM EDT

President Joe Biden’s abrupt decision to bow out of the presidential race and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris to be the Democratic candidate against former President Donald Trump caused a political earthquake on Sunday. It also changes the contours of a presidential race — which most...

Pelosi delivers speech to NC Democrats with notable absence — Biden's future as nominee

Jul. 20, 2024 22:41 PM EDT

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — In a state expected to help decide the presidency, House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi did little to quell speculation on President Joe Biden's path forward as the Democratic nominee to a room full of North Carolina Democrats on Saturday. Pelosi addressed more...

Joe Biden faces increasing pressure to quit the race, but has spent a lifetime overcoming the odds

Jul. 19, 2024 15:17 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — To borrow a favorite phrase from the man himself, President Joe Biden is at an inflection point. Is his on-the-ropes reelection campaign about public service or his ego? About securing his legacy or shaping the future? Such opposing forces of American politics...

2024 Election Latest: Trump accepts his GOP nomination on the convention's final night

Jul. 19, 2024 00:13 AM EDT

The Republican National Convention has culminated Thursday with former President Donald Trump 's acceptance of the party’s presidential nomination, achieving a comeback four years in the making and anticipated even more in the past week in light of Saturday’s assassination attempt. ...

For Catholic pilgrims, all roads lead to Indy for an old-style devotion in modern stadium setting

Jul. 18, 2024 16:59 PM EDT

Like the star of an arena tour, a spotlight illuminated the glittering, golden vessel carried by a Catholic bishop. Inside, it held a round communion host, which Catholics believe is the full presence of Jesus in the appearance of bread. The bishop placed it on an altar at the center...

Too soon for comedy? After attempted assassination of Trump, US politics feel anything but funny

Jul. 18, 2024 02:58 AM EDT

Political jokes: too soon? The answer from many quarters at midweek was a resounding yes, days after an assassination attempt against Republican former president Donald Trump rattled the nation over political violence that has been brewing in the United States for decades. ...

Violence plagued all levels of American politics long before the attempt on Trump's life

Jul. 16, 2024 21:37 PM EDT

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Long before a would-be assassin wounded former President Donald Trump, the fuse of political violence had been burning across America. Members of Congress have been shot. One lawmaker's staffers in Virginia were attacked with a baseball bat. In Louisville, a...

America's toxic political climate faces calls to 'tone it down' after assassination attempt on Trump

Jul. 14, 2024 22:25 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Tone it down!” That was the plea from one Republican congressman as he came to grips with the assassination attempt against Donald Trump at a political rally in the Butler Farm area where he grew up. “I am in a state of bewilderment of how...