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The Latest | Spain, Ireland and Norway make a coordinated move to recognize a Palestinian state

May. 22, 2024 10:25 AM EDT

Norway, Ireland and Spain said Wednesday they were recognizing a Palestinian state, a move welcomed by Palestinians as an affirmation of their decadeslong quest while Israel recalled its ambassadors to the three countries. Several European Union countries indicated in recent weeks...

Spain, Ireland and Norway say they will recognize a Palestinian state. Why does that matter?

May. 22, 2024 10:25 AM EDT

Spain, Ireland and Norway said Wednesday that they would recognize a Palestinian state on May 28, a step toward a long-held Palestinian aspiration that came amid international outrage over the civilian death toll and humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip following Israel’s offensive. ...

Israel recalls its ambassadors from Ireland and Norway over their recognition of a Palestinian state

May. 22, 2024 02:57 AM EDT
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel recalls its ambassadors from Ireland and Norway over their recognition of a Palestinian state.

The Danish king and his Australian-born wife visit Norway and Europe’s oldest monarch

May. 14, 2024 07:32 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Europe’s oldest monarch, King Harald V of Norway, on Tuesday welcomed Denmark’s King Frederik and his Australian-born wife, Queen Mary, on their second official visit abroad after the Danish monarch’s mother abdicated this year. The 87-year-old...

Norwegian Islamist wanted over deadly shooting at LGBTQ+ festival is being sent back from Pakistan

May. 03, 2024 07:17 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A radical Norwegian Islamist who is suspected of complicity in the deadly shooting at an LGBTQ+ festival in Oslo two years ago has been expelled from Pakistan and is on his way to Norway, the Scandinavian country's government said Friday. Two people were...

Norway to add millions more to historic increase in defense spending announced last month

May. 02, 2024 06:25 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The Norwegian center-left government said Thursday that it wants to add 7 billion kroner ($630 million) to the Scandinavian country’s armed forces over the next 12 years amid increased tensions in the region. The announcement came on top of plans...

Sex offender asks Norway's Supreme Court to declare social media access is a human right

May. 02, 2024 04:34 AM EDT

STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — A convicted sex offender is asking the Norwegian Supreme Court to declare that social media access is a human right. The case before the court Thursday involves a man who molested a minor and used the Snapchat messaging app to connect with young boys. ...

Police stop knife attack in central Oslo after man stabs 1 person and threatens others

May. 01, 2024 14:21 PM EDT

STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Police in Norway say a man carrying two knives stabbed one person and threatened several others in the center of Oslo on Wednesday. The incident occurred outside one of the city’s biggest subway stations when an argument got out of control, police said. ...

Video reviews have changed the face of European soccer. One country is holding out

Apr. 29, 2024 09:52 AM EDT

STOCKHOLM (AP) — As the Swedish league got underway this spring, yellow-and-black-clad supporters of Stockholm club AIK held up an enormous banner containing a long, vivid story about the dark forces of modern soccer conquering the world. “The whole world? No!" read the words on...

Father of Olympic champion Ingebrigtsen charged with abusing one of his other children, lawyer says

Apr. 29, 2024 08:36 AM EDT

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The father and former coach of Olympic champion runner Jakob Ingebrigtsen has been charged with abusing one of his other children, police said Monday, escalating an ongoing conflict involving one of Norway's most prominent sporting families. Ingebrigtsen...